TrueCommand ™

Hundreds of thousands of TrueNAS systems are deployed worldwide, with many organizations having dozens of systems. TrueCommand is a “single pane of glass” application to simplify data scaling, disk management, and TrueNAS appliance management.


TrueCommand is the command center for the NAS fleet commander. It is a ZFS-enabled management platform that allows storage administrators to monitor, configure, control services, manage data, and generate reports for all TrueNAS systems from a single interface. Commander makes the decisions, TrueCommand provides the information and simplifies execution.

Each TrueNAS system (CORE, Enterprise or SCALE) includes a powerful RESTful API that operates over a bi-directional websocket connection between each TrueNAS and its TrueCommand instance. This IP-based connection is secure and can run either locally within a data center or globally over the Internet.

Each TrueNAS also provides reporting metrics to the TrueCommand system. These metrics are used for performance and fault diagnostics and are collected in real-time with minimal impact to the NAS. TrueCommand connects to physical TrueNAS appliances or servers/VMs/cloud instances running TrueNAS software.

The TrueCommand software is implemented as a Docker instance. It can run on Docker or Kubernetes and can also be packaged as a VM to run on vSphere/ESXi or another hypervisor. It is recommended not to run TrueCommand on a system that is itself dependent on a TrueNAS system.

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of TrueCommand is also offered by iXsystems. TrueCommand Cloud instances run in an iXsystems private cloud and are independent of the user infrastructure being managed. It can manage infrastructures in many locations and uses VPN technology to provide connectivity. This capability is especially useful for managed service providers (MSPs).

Enhanced usability and performance of TrueNAS systems by managing multiple systems from a single dashboard.

– NAS Fleet Dashboard
– Single sign-on to all NAS units
– Custom alerts and reports
– Rapid fault management and diagnostics
– Real-time data collection and analysis
– Predictive analytics to maximize uptime
– Team-based 24 × 7 operation
– Enterprise security with role-based access control (RBAC) and auditing

TrueCommand simplifies operation and deployment

Identify and locate errors on drives or vdevs (RAID groups), saving valuable time in resolving issues. TrueCommand is a ZFS-enabled solution that lets you set custom alerts for statistics such as ARC usage or pool capacity, and ensure storage availability and future planning.

TrueCommand Cloud – Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our cloud solution is secure and easy to use. Each TrueCommand instance is hosted by iXsystems® in a private cloud and uses WireGuard VPN technology to secure communications with each NAS system and with each user or storage manager.

– Subscriptions start at $6 per month for 30 drives and are based on the number of drives.
– Each TrueNAS must be running TrueNAS 12.0+ or SCALE to use the WireGuard VPN feature.
– Subscribe to TrueCommand Cloud and set it up using these instructions.
– Getting Started on the iXsystems Portal